Saturday, March 19, 2016

NIKKI'S TEST -- Excerpt #9

Nikki frowned, sensing there had to be something wrong there. She couldn't really tell how old the little girl was. Young enough not to need to be in school? Still, it was spring -- why be camping during the school week? She had been comfortable enough in her Jeep, with her sleeping bag and blankets and Gray for warmth, but she wouldn't have chosen to camp last night if she didn't have to.

Nikki gnawed on the question for another mile, then made a conscious effort to push it aside. It was none of her business. She had to find something to eat -- quick, cheap, but healthy enough that Vincent wouldn't know from eight hundred miles away and scold her as soon as she got home. Then she would find Brooklyn and get out of Harper's Point.

First, she had to get into Harper's Point. This was the main road into town, and according to the GPS, she had another twenty minutes once she crossed the city limits before she got to 5639 Willow Avenue. Brooklyn would be packed and ready to leave -- but would she assume Nikki would pass up breakfast to get there, and have something ready?

"Definitely need to get something in my stomach. Low blood sugar equals easily distracted."

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