Monday, March 7, 2016

NIKKI'S TEST -- Excerpt #5

"All right. So… what's their story? Brooklyn has confessed even less than Vincent." Joan grinned at Sophie. "Does Brooklyn really have an English accent, or is that just part of her disguise?"

"Please say no," Sophie hurried to say. "If she loses the bet, she has to turn over her complete set of 'Firefly.'" A chuckle escaped her when Carter just sighed and raised an eyebrow.

"What do you have to pay up?" Elizabeth said.

"Her entire Stuart Granger collection," Joan said.

"Excuse me?" Carter sat up, his tone thickening with pretended pique. "You have a collection of Stuart Granger movies and haven't shared them?"

"Talk to Joan," Sophie said. "They're hers now. I assume you're trying to be gentle, telling me Brooklyn is English, born and bred."

"Sorry." Elizabeth stood up to unwrap the teapot and start pouring for all of them. "Brooklyn and Preston were junior MI6 operatives and were burned, essentially, very early in their careers. Through no fault of their own, they became too hot to handle, and came to the U.S. about thirty-some years ago under multiple layers of assumed identities. When one was shredded, they took up another and moved on. They realized fairly quickly that they were safer if they separated. Preston took up the identity of Preston Holmes and worked his way up from deputy to sheriff. Brooklyn stayed mobile until she met up with us."

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