Tuesday, December 29, 2015


"That's something to think about," Tony offered. "Ned's a great cook, from what I hear. Maybe we should match him up with Audrey. What?" he said, putting on a mask of longsuffering confusion when Max just shook her head and laughed.

"Men can be so oblivious sometimes." Max winked at Hope.

"Okay, what have I missed now?"

"Steve is interested in Audrey."

"No, Steve is playing Romeo to her Juliet and trying to keep the paparazzi from… oh. Duh." Tony grinned at Hope. "Yeah, I'm oblivious. Pretty sad, considering I write romance."

"Steve?" Hope hated the sudden chill that shot through her that had nothing to do with the evening breezes whipping across the grassy lawn in the center of the campus, where tables and booths lined the crossroads of sidewalks.

"My half-brother," Max said. "The paparazzi and gossip rags were all over him when he got cast as Romeo. They were so desperate to have a romance for another Vincente… not that it got them to ignore me and Tony for more than five minutes."

"I am really out of the loop." Hope tried to laugh.

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