Sunday, December 6, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights -- Day 9

Just a little note: some of the people who figure strongly in this story have their own stories later on in the series. That's just the way things work in Tabor Heights.

Resident comedian, Tommy Donnelly, happens to be based on my brother, who is also a comedian -- and also looking at life from doorknob height. What does that mean? You'll find out in Tommy's story, WHEELS.

Today's story:


Claire came to Tabor five years ago to make a new start. Her life is wrapped up in the Mission, which
now has funds for renovations and expansion.

Paul comes to be head custodian, threatening her equilibrium. First, his daughter, Sammy, asks if Claire will be her new mommy, then Claire begins to fear Paul will take over, changing the vision and goals of the Mission.

Paul only wants a fresh start and a safe home for Sammy. The Mission’s vision has caught his imagination, and Claire has caught his heart. Teamwork for the sake of the Mission promises to become so much more, and personal, if they only have the courage to take a chance

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