Tuesday, December 8, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights -- Day 8

This book starts YEAR 2 of the Tabor Heights books.


Through the emails that our hero and heroine exchange over the course of the year, you'll get glimpses and hints of other stories in Tabor Heights. Hope it makes you ... curious!

Stacy buys a wedding present for Dinah, despite the lack of invitation to her wedding reception. Despite the childhood promises to be each other's maid of honor, now seemingly broken.

Drake comes home for his sister's reception and finds Stacy's present on the doorstep, triggering a
cascade of memories. As he investigates why she isn't in the wedding party, he unravels a web of lies and nasty tricks, and decides to intervene.

A night that should be full of heartbreak turns into a Cinderella tale, with Drake whisking Stacy off to the party. Their childhood friendship changes that night, and the teasing, caring, long-distance relationship that follows gives them both reason to hope for something more.

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