Friday, December 18, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights -- Day 3

And here's the second story that takes place at Butler-Williams University:


Kind of appropriate, huh?

One character is new, and one is someone we've met before in numerous Tabor Heights stories. I figured it was about time for Kat to have some front-and-center time, while she continues to deal with having her real father in her life, at long last, and all the complications that occur when her father turns out to be her favorite teacher, as well as her boss.

Kristen transfers to BWU when her semester abroad is canceled. Settling into a new school is rough enough, but to avoid her interfering sister and brother-in-law, she gets involved with a church service project on campus. Well-intentioned, it quickly disintegrates when someone uses it to play nasty tricks. When Kristen tries to make things right, she discovers her own personal angel has been in front of her all along.


Kat is still adjusting to her parents’ reunion and marriage. She can’t be Morgan’s assistant any longer, so she must train her replacement and her boyfriend is being a jerk. As she navigates an experimental summer theater program, a nasty blog seems determined to destroy the theater program with gossip. Discovering the identity of the enemy is the first step in stopping him, but finding the truth could put Kat in danger.

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