Sunday, December 20, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights -- Day 2

The fun part of this story is that I wrote it long before I realized there was a community called Tabor Heights. It actually started as a script I wrote for a USA Network TV show -- but the show folded before I could ask the production company for a release form so I could send it to them. I turned it into a fandom story, and eventually it turned into a novel, and then "migrated" to Tabor Heights.


Vic owed Agent McCoy his soul, so when 10-year-old Joey McCoy
arrived in Tabor, needing protection, he gladly paid that debt. Children weren't his forte, so he turned to Rene, his business partner, for help.

Two weeks of instant family life had them chafing at the secrets they both imagined blocked their passage from friendship to love. Minor irritations, like someone sabotaging their gym and husband-hunting twits trying to trap Vic added to the discontent that threatened their safe, comfortable lives.

Then Joey's talent for calculating the odds gained the attention of the wrong people. Protecting her and paying his debt exposed Vic's secrets to the wrong people -- and to Rene. If they could learn to face the past together, they might just be able to build a future together.

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