Wednesday, December 2, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights -- Day 11

This is another Tabor Heights book that started out very differently from where it ended up. Essentially, this was a mainstream romance, about two people being constantly thrown together by accidents and never getting a chance to go beyond chance meetings.

Accident-prone, in effect. But the best accident of all was discovering that they really belonged in Tabor Heights.


What do Abby Morgan, pilot, and Tyler Sloane, theater director,
have in common? Siblings raising children on their own, a tendency for embarrassing accidents, and a voice deep inside asking, When will it be MY turn?

In a summer insane with activities and crises and demanding jobs, Abby and Tyler see an oasis of hope and love in each other … but crossing that desert of responsibilities and commitments might be more than they can manage. Is it a dream, or just a mirage?

Their every attempt to get to know each other fails, until in frustration Tyler decides he must stage the perfect romantic encounter if he and Abby are to ever fly off into the sunset together.

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