Friday, December 4, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights -- Day 10

We're halfway through the game!

Are you having fun?

Today's book


is the "other half" of a story that starts out in COMMON GROUNDS. There's a serial killer running loose in Tabor Heights, and while the search for the White Rose Killer is mentioned in several other books, this is the core of the story.

Toni returns to Tabor Heights to help identify the White Rose Killer. He stalks young women who
look like her sister, murdered twenty years ago. Is he the same boy, grown up, who left white roses on Angel's grave?

Curt found Angel's body, and he doesn't want Toni to be the White Rose's next victim. He reluctantly partners with her at the newspaper, to find the killer before he strikes again. To protect her, they pretend to have a relationship that slowly becomes real.

Their hunt becomes a race against time: find love and the White Rose before the killer targets them.

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