Monday, November 23, 2015

ANNE'S OGRE -- Excerpt #18

"Can I help you?" the receptionist said, standing up so she could look over the counter.

"Hi. I certainly hope so." Anne nodded to Mark and got up, spreading the magazine flat as she approached the counter that took up one whole side of the cubicle. "I need to talk to someone about this photo."

"I'm sorry, policy is to protect the privacy of the people who appear in our 'taste of the season' photo spreads. That means not revealing the names of the photographers or where the photos were taken."

"Oh, I know who took the photo. I know the people in the photo, and they told me when and where they met the reporter. The thing is, don't you need to get permission to publish someone's picture?"

"Oh, dear -- those photos?" The receptionist shook her head and brushed her hand over the photo of Su-Ma sitting in the snow. "It's been a terrible mix-up. Jenni never meant for them to be put in the spread, but we had a computer crash and lost the original spread and then the wrong files were accessed and…" She sighed. "Has it been a problem for your friends?"

"Not yet. What I'm more concerned about is that Jenni -- it is Jenni Doran, right?" Anne pulled her business card out of her pocket. She had meant to give it to the woman first, before she started talking. "I'm from the Arc Foundation, and our concern is that someone could make trouble for her, trying to get information on the -- on the people in the photos she took."

"Right. She was talking about you -- the boss is interested in doing a feature on you -- well, not you, specifically," she added with a chuckle, "but on the foundation, all the work you do helping people. Someone said you were working with Witness Protection, is that true?"

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