Monday, November 16, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights -- Day 19

1 day down, 19 to go in the scavenger hunt celebrating the 20 books of the Tabor Heights series.


Today's book is COMMON GROUNDS.

If you don't know the rules, go to my website,, click on the folder for Tabor Heights, and then on the Contest page. Everything is spelled out. You have until 10pm tomorrow night to get your answer to me.




Hannah Blake swallowed her shriek at the male voice that came from the snowy darkness as she stepped through the side door of the university classroom building. She took a step backwards and reached for the pepper spray hanging from the strap of her purse. She listened for voices coming down the stairwell behind her, but her classmates and the professor had gone down the stairs at the other end of the building.

Once the shock faded, she recognized the voice and stopped the heavy, old-fashioned metal door from swinging closed.

"Chief?" Her voice wobbled a little and she grinned, feeling foolish as the lean, wide-shouldered figure of Chief Cooper stepped into the puddle of light in the doorway.

"Sorry." The head of the Tabor Police Department shrugged his broad shoulders and offered a crooked, weary smile that didn't reach his deep-set gray eyes. "I was on my way inside to meet you coming from class. Didn't mean to scare you."

"But you wanted to know how I did, talking with Arc's people today?" She nodded and took a deep breath, trying to calm her still-racing heart.

"Aren't you going the long way around to the parking lot?" He stepped back as she came outside.

"I didn't drive. It's just a short hop down the street to my apartment, so it practically takes more time to drive and park than--" She shook her head. The police chief had more important things on his mind than saving gas and getting some exercise after a long day sitting at her desk.

"I'll walk you home."

"I should be safe, shouldn't I? The White Rose prefers brunettes, not blondes, and he never stalks more than one girl at a time, right?"

"This is a college campus, going on nine p.m., and you're a pretty young woman walking alone. If you were my daughter, I'd ground you for taking risks like that, whether there was a serial killer on the loose or not." The very calmness of his voice sent chills up Hannah's spine. He let out a long, loud breath. "Sorry again. It's been a long day."

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