Wednesday, November 18, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights -- Day 18

Day 18.

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Officer Mike Nichols lounged against the left-hand gate pole for the Tabor Heights Municipal Swimming Pool.  His long-time partner, Todd James, sauntered back from the concession stand that served customers inside and outside the pool area.  Mike snorted when he saw the red-white-and-blue bomb pop his partner crunched on as he walked. 

"So, what was the emergency?  Besides feeding your face again?"

Todd just waggled his eyebrows and strolled on past, waiting until the last minute to hook his thumb over his shoulder.  Trina Delveccio jingled around the shallow end of the pool, sparkling and fluttering with every step.  And from the grin that lit up her face when Mike's gaze met hers, she had aimed herself specifically in his direction.

Mike's back went slick with icy sweat, gluing him to the pole through his shirt.  His heart shuddered and twisted a few times, banging against his rib cage like it had done the first time he drew his gun in a real-life situation.  What was it about tiny Trina, half-buried in costume jewelry and fluttery, gauzy shirts, and a visible cloud of perfume?  What was it about her that made him ¾ sliding down a greased pole toward fifty ¾ feel like a pimply junior high kid with his throat closing up from allergies?  And what insanity made him like it so much?

"Hi, Mike!"  Trina wriggled a little even when she came to a stop.  Her long, honey-brown curls continued bobbing.  Was that glitter stuck in her lashes around her chocolate-colored eyes?  She laced her fingers through the chain links of the fence and leaned back so she hung by her arms and pivoted on her stiletto-heeled sandals. 

How could she walk in those things?  Mike got a nosebleed just thinking about them, and his legs ached in sympathy when he thought about her scurrying around the pool and the Recreation Department office in those things.  Trina ran the Summer Rec program for the city of Tabor Heights, and she made it look incredibly easy, until someone took a closer look at all the steps involved.  Mike felt exhausted just thinking about all the things she had to do.

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