Monday, October 19, 2015

ANNE'S OGRE -- Excerpt #6

"How about some coffee, George?" Vincent said.

"Coffee. Yes. Good host serves… got egg nog and cookies." He chuckled and beckoned for them to follow him as he toddled across the room to another doorway. "Su-Ma stopped on her way home. She knows I like the sprinkly cookies. Lots of cookies."

"Oh, man, don't tell me she brought you those cheap shortbread cookies they sell by the bucket." Vincent followed, glancing back at Josh. "You know Brooklyn will make you anything you want."

"Don't care if they're cheap, I just like them. Su-Ma takes good care of me." George swiped across the wall when he stepped through the doorway into the next room. A bright light came on in the ceiling, revealing a square kitchen cheerfully painted in red and white, with apples spilling endlessly out of bowls in the border along the ceiling. He vanished around the corner.

"She's poisoning you with junk food full of fat and sugar," he retorted.

"She loves her Uncle George." The pipes banged and water gushed.

"Since when do you care about junk cookies?" Josh murmured. He jammed his hands into his back pockets and followed Vincent into the kitchen.

"Your body is the temple of the Lord," Vincent said and stepped over to the far wall, to lean back against it. He gestured with a tip of his head for Josh to watch George, who was filling an electric kettle, the egg nog already forgotten. "So, how's it going on your new baby?"

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