Tuesday, October 13, 2015

ANNE'S OGRE -- Excerpt #4

Vincent glanced over at him when he made the turn into the industrial park. One corner of his mouth quirked up when he saw Josh had his eyes closed and head bowed, and his hands were clenched into fists in his lap.

The overhead door of the sprawling auto service building opened before them when they pulled up. All was pitch-black inside, no lights on indicating anyone was at work. Vincent glanced at his watch. Going on nine on a weeknight, with no big mechanical puzzles to solve, no signs of activity didn't equal a problem. Over the years since he had stepped out in faith and offered shelter to the battered, broken remains of the man who had been sent to kill him, he had learned it was easier to deal with George when he was working. An engine lying open for service, with pieces spread on a clean drop cloth on a nearby table, somehow helped George's mind function more smoothly, gave him an anchor to keep him from slipping back behind the muffling curtain of confusion. Not even a lively debate on biblical archeology or scriptural interpretation could sharpen George's mind like a mechanical challenge. What he found ironic, though, was how a sense of humor appeared when George dove head-first into spiritual topics -- Snow never had a sense of humor.

Vincent parked and tapped the remote to close the door. A widely spaced line of ceiling lights came on once the door was down all the way. He climbed out of his SUV and looked around, holding still to listen. The muffled sounds of the Ravel music that was George's latest obsession came from the back of the building. He smiled and admitted he was relieved, and beckoned for Josh to follow him. They walked along the far wall, all the scrupulously neat tools and supplies in their assigned places on shelves and racks, all the power cables looped up just so and hanging on their pegs. A faint glow seeped under the closed door of the three-room suite that made up George's quarters in the right rear corner of the building. Vincent tapped twice, waited, listening, and then pushed the door open.

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