Tuesday, September 8, 2015


"Somebody got liquid soap all over the floor in the women's locker room this afternoon," Baxter said, when they were far enough from the rest of the group to speak without being overheard.

"It'd take a lot to get the bottle out of the dispenser rack, wouldn't it?" Vic stared unseeing at the ripples in the amber water of Williams Lake.

"I swear, somebody's out for us." Baxter shook his head and kicked at a few pebbles embedded in the packed dirt around the shack. "First pins go missing, then those cables get frayed where they've got no business being frayed... and just how much rubbing does it take to fray steel fiber cables, man?"

"We hoped it was just accidents, or carelessness."

"More like deliberate. I know what it takes to put those things together." Baxter scowled and kicked a few pebbles toward the water. "No accident makes pins come out and end up three feet away on the floor, or dispensers tip out of the racks and cover the floor with pink goo."

"So what do we do? Go to the police and tell them somebody is sabotaging our gym?" Vic took a deep breath, hating this part. They had conversations like this in the previous two towns where they had tried to build new lives, new identities. After four years, he had thought he and Baxter were finally safe from the people who wanted them dead. "What evidence do we have, without telling them the truth?"

"Chief Cooper is a Christian. I think it's safe to tell him. Half the guys on the force go to our church."

"No. Not yet. Let's just... double up the work schedule. Keep track of when the sabotage happens. Compare it to the sign-in sheets. See if we can catch a pattern, okay?"

"Then we go to Chief Cooper."

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