Sunday, August 30, 2015


"Want to talk about it?" Her roommate sighed when Rene shook her head. "How are you going to move on until you talk about it? Have you told Vic, at least?"

"Tell Vic?" Her voice cracked. "Why would I tell him?"

"Because Vic is a great guy and you're the most important person in the world to him. I figure it's something a guy should know -- whatever it is -- so he can help the girl he loves."

"Max has got you reading too many romance novels. Vic is not in love with me." Rene shoved herself to her feet and stomped back to the kitchen. She bit her lip against adding, "no one will ever be." As the swinging door thumped behind her, she called, "You've just got romance on the brain! There are too many engaged and newlywed women in this town. You and Max and Bailey and--"

"Bailey? Since when is Bailey engaged?" Bekka stomped into the kitchen.

"Nearly. Jake's taking his good old time, as usual, but those two are headed for a showdown with Pastor Glenn." She sighed and refused to meet Bekka's gaze. Something shivered inside and she put down her glass of milk to keep from dropping it. "What makes you think Vic would ever be in love with me?"

"Anybody who looks at the two of you together can tell. You click, you know? He's always watching out for you."

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