Tuesday, August 18, 2015


"Charlene is on the prowl again. Showed up at the gym five minutes after Shane got the door open. With croissants and fancy coffee and the loudest pink sweat suit you ever saw." Bekka chuckled and hoisted herself from her cross-legged position in front of the oval basket chair, into the chair. She tugged her oversized, blue flannel nightshirt down over her ankles. "That weirdo cousin of hers was nowhere to be seen. If she wasn't dragging the Technicolor Blob back into hiding, it proves she's after Vic."

"Bekka, be nice," Rene scolded softly.

She had yet to meet Charlene's cousin, who had arrived two weeks ago, and according to rumors was staying for the summer because she was trying to "find herself." Translation: she had either been fired for what some at the gym termed "new definitions of quirkiness," or like Charlene she firmly believed she was the arbiter of all that was right and true, therefore anyone who disagreed with her needed constant correction. Therefore, she had quit her job because -- also like Charlene, who changed jobs every eighteen months like clockwork -- she could not abide the "mental sloppiness" and "moral laxity" of those around her. All Rene knew for fact, reported by Bekka and filtered through what the other gym employees and members said, was that the woman was an overweight bleached blond with an eye-bleeding sense of color, a klutz, and she always fought with Charlene. Or rather, Charlene constantly fought with her because she considered her cousin an embarrassment. That was enough to endear the unseen stranger to Rene, if Charlene continued her predatory circling of Vic. If she could arrange for this cousin to stay permanently, she would, because up until now the woman's presence had kept Charlene from harassing Vic.

Up until now.

"She wanted Vic to help her with a new workout routine," Bekka offered, and rolled her eyes.

"New?" Rene snorted and nearly got bits of toast up her nose. "She has to have one before she can have a new one," slipped out before she remembered what she said a moment ago. "Be nice, Rene," she muttered. The two roommates exchanged grins.

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