Friday, June 19, 2015


"This lady wants to ask about Homespun," Saundra said.

"Romeo and Juliet at the end of February. Tickets go on sale--" Audrey began.

"I don't care what half-baked productions you might have in this hick town," the woman said, her face twisting enough it resembled a bleached prune.

"Then I don't think I can help you with anything." She turned to leave.

Much as she wanted to argue about the high quality standards of Homespun and that Tabor Heights was not a hick town, Audrey knew better. Besides, the clock was ticking and she needed to get home and off her feet.

"I want to know about Maxine Vincente," the woman snapped. She slapped her hand on the edge of the counter when Audrey didn't turn around to answer immediately.

"Who?" Audrey stopped, but she refused to turn any more than it took to look over her shoulder.

"The daughter of Carlo Vincente." The woman sniffed.

"Max doesn't go by that name," Saundra said. "She--" She stopped, responding to Audrey's grip on her wrist.

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