Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Audrey sighed as she settled the tray into the display case and stepped back. She was so late, the pre-dinner rush was starting to spill into Stay-A-While. With a glance at the customers lining up, she turned to go back into the kitchen. Thank goodness, she was done for the day. She would be grateful if she could get out of there without Simon lecturing her. Even the fact that Allen knew what had been going on all day and put the blame squarely on the evening crew, that wouldn't stop Simon from blaming her. How was he ever going to make it as management if he couldn't examine the situation before lambasting people for problems that weren't their fault?

"That's her. Hey, Audrey?" Saundra beckoned from the counter.

Audrey glanced at her watch. She hoped this wouldn't take long. She needed to get home, shower, and put her feet up for at least an hour before rehearsal.

"Need something?" she asked, praying the woman on the other side of the counter wouldn't be one of those people who expected everything to be made fresh just for them.

"She's just a cook," the woman said, taking a step back and looking her over from head to foot. Judging by her fox fur stole and matching hat, and the disgusted little curl of her mouth, she thought the outside indicated the inside of a person. And didn't like Audrey's outside.

Yes, Audrey admitted, today had been especially messy and colorful. She had smears of red and blue icing on the left hem of her shirt from a batch of monster cookies for a five-year-old's birthday party. She had smears of apple pie filling right across her bust line, courtesy of Jorge bumping into her -- deliberately -- as she carried the industrial-size open can to the work table where she filled three dozen graham cracker crusts for individual pies. Then there was the usual assortment of butter smears, egg spatters, and other detritus of cooking.

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