Thursday, June 4, 2015


"Did Chuck call you?" Max greeted Steve when he showed up at Homespun Theater just after lunchtime.

"About?" He dropped his sketches for arranging the back yard for the dinner theater on Joel's desk and slid down into the seat, since the older man was nowhere to be seen.

"Reggie has been in automatic denial mode since about five this morning, when the first rag hit the streets," she said, referring to their father's public relations manager. "For every call he answers, there are about two who leave a message. Everybody's demanding confirmation that the wedding will be there in the fall. Since Chuck is my agent, people are pestering him, positive he'll be the weak link."

"How much of Audrey's crazy story did they print? And how much was word-for-word?" He laughed and leaned forward, resting his elbows on the desk.

"Let's put it this way -- a lot of important people who can't get through to Reggie are playing the hurt feelings card with Chuck. 'Carlo has been a friend of ours since the early days of his career. We're hurt, just hurt, that he hasn't booked our restaurant for his only daughter's wedding reception.' Or their florist shop isn't providing my flowers. Or their garden isn't the site of the wedding. The only people who haven't called to gripe is your church."

"Maybe they're too busy fending off calls, demanding to know the wedding date, and exclusive rights to sit in the balcony and get it on film."

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