Monday, May 11, 2015

CHARLI: Excerpt #8

“I only wanted to find a cure for the common cold,” Dr. Carson said with a shrug. She grinned when the two men laughed, and raised her cup to sip. Then she saw the yellow button light up on the intercom panel, and paused. The only person who knew there was an option to listen and not speak was Charli. What was her daughter doing home so soon?

“You've done a lot more than that, Rachel,” Miller said. “I'm no scientist, but these advances in genetic--“

“We're still in the theory stage, and very hazy theories at that. Please emphasize that when you make your report.”

“You act like nobody listens to you. Believe me, nobody wants to lose your cooperation.”

“Any more than I want to lose the financial support and protection you and your very patient superiors have given me all these years.” She caught the slight questioning glance Thomas gave first her, then Miller. Obviously, this new man wasn’t aware of the history between them. Didn’t he know they were friends from way back, when her husband was still trying to find support and funding for his research into regenerative tissue theory, and Miller was still a very junior agent, eager to prove himself?

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