Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CHARLI: Excerpt #13

Dr. Carson sighed, biting back the natural response to ask why her daughter, who was a genius even if she had never been tested, couldn’t manage to feed herself. Unless whatever kept her from opening the refrigerator was what had brought her home? She did feel her spirits rising as she finished neatening up the breezeway, and turned off the rest of the equipment, and headed for the connecting doorway between breezeway and house. The chances of that plant she had sent a photo of being so unique and wonderful that Charli had to hurry home were slim. Still, if she had been injured, she would have said so. Dr. Carson suspected, though, that unless she was bleeding badly enough to need stitches, Charli still wouldn’t have come out to the greenhouse while Miller and Thomas had been there.

She had to do something about her daughter’s aversion to most strangers. Miller was a friend, after all. Just because he was the first to find Charli after she and Matt had shattered on the pavement after surprising a late-night intruder in their lab, that was no reason to avoid him. He had saved her life. He was a link to the past.

“Reason enough?” she sighed. “Lord, I know we don’t talk often enough, but… something needs to be done about Charli. She can’t go through the rest of her life living like this, getting along better with wild animals than people. She’s a brilliant botanist and theoretician, and the best lab assistant I could ever want, but You made her for so much more in life. Please… do something?”

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