Saturday, May 23, 2015

CHARLI: Excerpt #12

“Home early, aren't you?” She held her breath, anticipating… she wasn’t sure what she anticipated, but it couldn’t be good. Her daughter simply didn’t, couldn’t break plans and routines. It was part of how she coped with her bad leg and her nightmares.

“Emergency,” Charli said, her tone bright. Meaning it wasn’t anything painful or dangerous, which intrigued Dr. Carson despite the momentary irritation. More irritation at realizing that she was just as set in her ways, hating any breaks in expectations and routines, as her daughter. “Any breakthroughs while I was gone?”

“That depends on what you call a breakthrough. Although you certainly weren’t gone long enough for anything at all to happen. What kind of emergency?”

“Not my leg, so stop worrying. Come and see.”

“Let me shut everything down and I'll be right in.” She decided to be amused. Charli certainly sounded excited about something. Then again, she had the same strained, holding-back sound in her voice when something infuriated her. What could she have seen or found or done that brought her home early from her inspection trip to the growing station and the cave camp? “Hungry?”


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