Wednesday, May 20, 2015

CHARLI: Excerpt #11

 “This won't taste very good, but I guarantee it'll help you feel a whole lot better.” She stroked the cub’s muzzle and the hungry little creature opened its mouth, trying to suckle on her thumb again. Charli held her breath as she caught hold of the bottom of the cub’s jaw with one hand and slid the end of the eye-dropper into its mouth, trying to get it far enough in to get the liquid down its throat without making it choke or gag.

The cub convulsed, trying to shake free of the eye-dropper and let out a yip of surprise. She squeezed the bulb and watched for green liquid to come out of the cub’s mouth. It swallowed and struggled to its feet, wriggling in what she imagined was disgust, maybe nausea, but no medicine escaped. She let go of its mouth and dared to stroke down the cub’s back.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

A yelp that was definitely pain escaped and she pulled back her hand to see the cub balanced on three legs, holding the fourth up to its side at a crooked angle.

“I hope those scuzzbuckets drove off a cliff, trying to get out of here,” she growled.

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