Sunday, May 17, 2015

CHARLI: Excerpt #10

She stepped back from the cub, watching it. To her relief and delight, it raised its head and followed her movements. No coughing, no blood at nose or mouth or ears. Maybe there were no internal injuries. At least none that would threaten its life.

Trying to watch the cub to make sure it didn’t suddenly jump to its feet and leap off the table, Charli stumbled around the kitchen, stepping momentarily into the storage room for a sealed canister of dull green analgesic and detoxifying powder she had helped her mother develop. It had been a byproduct of their main research effort, and they had agreed to use it for a year or two before reporting on it and possibly finding someone interested in manufacturing and selling it -- and dealing with the fees and paperwork to get it analyzed and approved by the FDA.

She poured a glass of water and mixed a spoonful of the powder into it, turning the water a murky green. Another trip into the storage room yielded an eyedropper. Charli stirred the solution around until it lost some of its opacity, then sucked the eye-dropper full and stepped back over to the table.

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