Monday, June 1, 2015


COOKING UP TROUBLE takes us back to Homespun Theater.

Audrey is someone we've met before, a member of the ensemble at Homespun. She has two loves -- theater, and cooking. She went to culinary school. As chief baker for Stay-a-While, she's perfectly happy. Her bosses are great, and she gets along with most of her co-workers. Her dream, though, is to be involved in dinner theater, combining both her loves.

Steve Vincente comes back to Tabor, after helping out during the crisis featured in BEHIND THE SCENES. He decided he liked working in live theater, and the Randolphs have agreed to let him come back and work at Homespun. More important, he wants to get to know his newly discovered half-sister, Max -- and help her survive the fuss and publicity and paparazzi troubles that come with being the daughter of a Hollywood legend.

Steve and Audrey are cast as Romeo and Juliette, and then they are partnered to head up Homespun's experiment with dinner theater. More important, they work together to help protect Max and Tony as the time for their wedding approaches and the paparazzi get more insistent and tricky. Partnership turns to friendship, but will it turn to something more when they both have secrets and hidden fears that sometimes make it hard to see what's really going on in the person who has become very important to them?

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