Friday, March 27, 2015

BWU STORIES -- Excerpt #18

"This way," Audrey said, gesturing at the door between the scene shop and the back door of the house, which opened onto the stairs down into the basement of the theater. "We'll start with the kitchen. Maybe if their hands and mouths are full, they won't wreak too much havoc on the rest of the tour. Plus, I have to get back to setting up."

She led the way down the steep cement stairs. Kat was still amazed at how much had changed since the last time she had worked at Homespun. The dividing walls in the basement had been pushed back and part of the costume shop rearranged, storage moved elsewhere, to expand the kitchen to cater for the dinner guests once the dinner theater experiment got fully underway. Everything gleamed with stainless steel and scrubbed linoleum. The big old black cast iron stove in the corner nearly sparkled, as if it had been given a fresh coat of paint and then varnished for good measure.

"I always say, life is too short, so we should eat dessert first," Audrey announced, as she crossed the kitchen to the new worktable and uncovered a long aluminum tray, with frosted green and gold and blue cookies on them. "Help yourself -- take whatever you want." Something in her eyes made Kat think there was more than just getting rid of experimental cooking behind bringing them down here.

"Uh… okay, is that supposed to be a princess?" she guessed, pointing at one vaguely human-shaped cookie. That spiky thing on top of the head was probably a crown.

"And this is supposed to be a pea," Audrey said, nodding, and pointing to a three-inch-wide round cookie. "They'd be more believable if they were decorated to bring out the details. Something I didn't take into consideration when I ordered the cookie cutters. The wretched things don't come with design instructions or stencils or anything, to help with decorating. The klutz field sets in when I try fancy decorating. I leave that to the experts." Then she laughed as she looked down and saw that the children had taken her at her word. They had a cookie in each hand, and already had green frosting smeared around their mouths. Tiffany, for all that she dressed like a little princess herself with her flouncy skirts and lace edging on her little socks and patent leather shoes, was just as messy an eater as the boys.

"Morgan is giving credit to anybody who gets involved in the summer productions," Kat offered. "Maybe somebody in the class has some art training and would do this for you. I'll ask on Monday -- that's the first day of class."

"You are an answer to prayer."

Kat's heart did a funny flip. She should have realized that practically anybody who hung around at Homespun probably thought the same way that the Randolphs and Bekka and her parents did, adding God to the mix in every part of their lives. Sometimes she wished it were so easy and natural for her.

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