Saturday, March 21, 2015

BWU STORIES -- Excerpt #16

"It's not that." He sighed again and finally turned to look at her, meet her gaze. He tried to smile. "Just got a lot of stuff going on. But I've got tomorrow off. How about I pick you up really early and we head out, take the day for just us, get to Cedar Point as soon as the gates open? I know things are kind of lame before the official Memorial Day opening, but that's the fun of it. Hardly anybody'll be there, no standing in line. We'll bring a bunch of junk food with us, have a picnic on the beach. It'll be great."

"Yeah, it sounds great. I wish I could go." Kat adjusted her grip on the box of papers, wishing it were heavier than it was. Forty copies of a thirty-page course outline wasn't that much paper. She had handled three or four times as much without a problem.

The odd thing was, she didn't wish she could go to the amusement park for the day with Marco.

Always listen to your gut when it disagrees with people's words. You can always depend on you, Bekka had advised her more times than Kat could count. She always trusted Bekka's sense of people and situations. After all, Bekka had guessed before anyone else what a scumsucking, lying, self-righteous jerk of a wannabe child molester Mike Tyler had been, and she had been there for Kat through all that misery and shame last year.

She wanted to go to Bekka right now for some advice on Marco.

"I can't," Kat finally said. "We have plans for tomorrow."

"You and your roommates? Tell them to grab their boyfriends and come with us."

"I promised my folks I'd go to church with them tomorrow…" Kat backed up a step when Marco's mouth tightened and flattened and he looked away for a few seconds. "And we're going over to the Randolphs' for lunch. Max and Tony are back from their honeymoon."

"When are you going to stop remaking yourself to suit your parents?"

"Huh?" Now she did back up. Kat's gut told her to run for the Green Room. It wasn't that she thought Marco would hit her, or even start yelling, though that was bad enough.

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