Wednesday, March 18, 2015

BWU STORIES -- Excerpt #15

Climbing the stairs, watching Marco stand there with his back to her, as if he couldn't hear her, Kat decided she wished he hadn't shown up tonight. Everything was great until he reminded her what a jerk he had been all winter and spring. Should she pretend she didn't see him, pretend nothing was wrong, or give him the cold shoulder and keep walking?

"Hey," he said, when she reached the top of the stairs.

Kat paused, despite the load of papers to haul to the Green Room to hand out. He looked like the Marco she used to know, with mischief in his eyes and a gentle hint of a smile on his mouth. The one she thought she understood.

"Hey. You're kind of late. You missed Murder, and there's not much food left." She gestured toward the hall to the Green Room with a lift of her elbow, since her hands were full. "Morgan just started talking about what we're doing for the summer program. It's going to be pretty cool."

"Morgan." He snorted. That hardness came back to his face.

"Uh, yeah? Since he's teaching the class. All of a sudden you don't like--" Kat swallowed hard, stunned by that twinge of guilt -- and anger at that guilt -- when she tripped over referring to Morgan as her father. There was nothing to be ashamed of, so why did she hesitate, especially when Marco knew about their relationship?

"What? All of a sudden I don't like your dad?" He sounded tired instead of tense or sarcastic. That was an improvement. Marco sighed. "It's not him. He's still a great guy."

"Even though he's my father?" she asked, her voice going so soft she wondered if he could hear it.

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