Sunday, March 15, 2015

BWU STORIES -- Excerpt #14

Marco stood at the top of the stairs in the theater lobby, leaning against the railing with his back to the stairwell. Kat slowed when she saw him. She hated the feeling of knots filling her stomach. Why hadn't she taken a lesson from Amy and Joe's stormy relationship that had played out in front of her all last year? True, her former roommate had ended up marrying Joe and moving to Nashville with him, to try to make a career writing lyrics, but that didn't guarantee Kat would have a happily-ever-after. She had vowed long ago, she would never let a guy drag her up and down the roller coaster of emotions like those two. That vow hadn't changed even after she realized Amy had done most of the dragging. Was having a guy in her life worth the turmoil? Why had she been so stupid to try to talk things over with Marco and fix their relationship?

Bottom line: it took two to fix a relationship, but only one to break it. Marco wasn't trying. Her evidence? He had said he was coming to tonight's kick-off party, but didn't. He hadn't registered for the summer term class like he said he would. Most telling of all, he hadn't come to help her set up for tonight. Last year, Marco had been there every time she turned around, even when he should have been somewhere else, like playing in his friends' band.

Marco used to be happy just being with her, even when all they did was work. Ever since January, it seemed like all he wanted was for her to drop everything she was doing, break all her commitments, and go somewhere with him, do what he wanted to do. He got angry, like she had broken some promise she couldn't remember making, when she wouldn't abandon her classes, her job as student assistant, or time she had promised to her parents.

All last fall he had insisted they were going to get married someday, but after she got back from Christmas in New York with her parents, he had stopped. What had brought on the change? Something had happened while she was away -- but of course, when she asked him what was wrong, he either said nothing was wrong or he got even angrier and wouldn't talk to her for days.

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