Thursday, March 12, 2015

BWU STORIES -- Excerpt #13

Kat and Mac met each other's gazes and muffled laughter. When she turned back to watch the other players gather around and argue over who would be the new District Attorney, Kat found both the General and her father watching her. The big Bohemian head of the theater department studied her with narrowed eyes, looking more suspicious as the moments ticked by and the other players argued louder. That, she could handle. It was the faint hint of a smile, the lack of any threat or silent communication in Dr. Daniel Morgan's expression that made her nervous. She looked away.

"So, what's it like with Dr. Morgan for your stepfather?" Mac asked, nudging her with his elbow. "Doesn't it just suck, losing your job as his student assistant, because your mom married him?"

"Nope. I couldn't keep the job anyway, with the writing internship I'm starting in June."

Kat wondered how long the rumor mill would keep tangling the facts of the case until people who knew the truth slapped some sense and courtesy into people who wanted to make a federal case or a scandal out of everything. Morgan was her biological father, her parents had been college sweethearts, broke up before she was born, and now they were back together. True, she had to step down from her position as Morgan's student assistant because it was against the rules for family to work in the same department as faculty. The Humanities department head, Dr. Holwood, was a friend, as well as very understanding and supportive, and he had recommended to the university administration that Kat be allowed to keep her position for the remainder of the school year. While she geared up for her internship she would spend the summer training her replacement. The internship had been arranged with friends of her father in New York, writing screenplays and stage plays and critiquing new screenwriting students, everything handled through the Internet and phone calls, with weekend trips to New York every other month. It most definitely did not "suck" to have Dr. Daniel Morgan for her father.

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