Sunday, February 1, 2015

The NEW Tabor Heights novel: BWU STORIES

This month, Desert Breeze releases the 6th book in Year Two of the Tabor Heights books:


As you can probably guess from the cover, the stories are related to the theater. Specifically, the two heroines are students in the theater department at Butler-Williams University.

First we meet Kristen.
At first, she thinks her only problem is surviving Christmas break, because her parents are out of the country for two years on a short-term mission trip, and she has to spend vacations with her overbearing sister and pharisee brother-in-law. Before she knows it, her entire academic career has unraveled. When her professor is arrested for smuggling, Kristen loses her semester abroad and her scholarship money. With the help of friends back home, she attempts to start over, transferring to BWU for winter semester. She discovers the college-age students who attend Tabor Christian during the school year are very different from the kids she grew up with, who come home for the summer. As Kristen attempts to make a place for herself in the dorm, at church, and on campus, she learns some things about herself, about service, and the big differences in how two very different young men show their interest in her.

Then for the summer term, we get to visit with an old friend: Kat
Her life is still in turmoil, from learning her favorite teacher and student adviser is actually her father. Now, Kat's parents are married and still acting like newlyweds -- and because of administration regulations, she can't be Morgan's student assistant any longer. She has the summer term to train her replacement. Things aren't so bad, though. She's busy with an experimental theater program, her trainee is a great guy, she's too busy to worry about her deteriorating romance, and she's preparing for a cool internship in the fall ... but then a "slaughter blog" starts attacking local theaters -- community theaters, professional theaters, and college theater programs -- and some of the stories strike a little too close to home. As Kat and friends try to put on an experimental outdoor drama and track down the source of the slaughter blog, trouble turns to threats. Who can she trust?

Come check in for excerpts from BWU STORIES all through February and March!

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