Saturday, February 28, 2015

BWU STORIES -- Excerpt #9

He paused while they turned a corner and got out of the main stream of traffic. Kristen headed for the stairs to the second floor without thinking. From the corner of her eye she glimpsed Kathleen and Peter standing by the double doors halfway down the hallway, visibly watching the people coming into the building -- probably waiting for her. Resolutely, she turned her attention to her three companions, praying that Peter's paranoia over "making scenes" would keep him from trying to drag her away from the three Wharton cousins before they reached the stairs.

"Tamela said you were one of the nice church kids in the dorm, not a preacher," Steve continued. "We had a bet--"

"Contest," Aaron corrected. He gestured at the door to the stairwell and Kristen nodded without thinking.

"Right." He stepped ahead of them to pull the door open, letting Kristen and Tamela walk through ahead of them. "We had a contest over what you would say if we talked about you being an example and our guide or whatever. Tam won."

"Okay, I think I'm getting a little weirded out," Kristen admitted, and felt her face relaxing into a grin that probably mirrored theirs. They were odd, but it was a good kind of odd, and she decided right then and there, she wouldn't mind hanging with the Wharton cousins for the rest of the year. The rest of her time at BWU, however long that lasted.

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