Sunday, February 22, 2015

BWU STORIES -- Excerpt #7

"Kristen." Tamela caught hold of her arm as soon as the postlude music blared through the sanctuary, on the heels of Pastor Wally's benediction. "These are my cousins, Aaron and Steve. They're going to the U with us."

"Nice to meet you." Her smile felt awkward. Kristen prayed she wasn't blushing, and that her face didn't show her relief and embarrassment over what had been in her thoughts during the sermon.

 "They're keeping me on the straight and narrow," Tamela added, rolling her eyes again. She seemed to do that often, along with twisting her corkscrew curls around her fingers whenever she wasn't writing notes.

"Straight and narrow?"

"We kind of bullied her into her making her New Year's resolution to get her life straightened out," the taller one said. His hair tended more toward platinum than Tamela's strawberry blond. He also had wider shoulders, and his eyes were bluer, while Tamela's and the other boy's seemed more greenish. "I'm Aaron," he added, holding out his hand. "Steve and Tamela and I are all only kids of triplet brothers, and we were all born within four months of each other. We figure it makes us almost triplets ourselves, and the rest of our cousins all pick on us, so we stick together, know what I mean?"

"Uh, no, not really," Kristen offered with a chuckle. Why was he telling her this? Unless he was just as fun-dizzy as Tamela? "So you all decided to come to BWU to watch out for each other?"

"My idea," Steve said, holding up his hand. "None of us knew what we wanted to do for a career, so we took classes at a junior college last year while we looked around, then transferred here. I'm the organized one. Aaron is the conscience, the one who keeps us from getting into trouble. Tamela is the social one, who finds out what's fun to do, and who the good friends are. So guess what, you're stuck being friends with all three of us. We're a set."

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