Thursday, February 19, 2015

BWU STORIES -- Excerpt #6

In church, just as the prelude music faded out and the choir stood up to sing, two hulking shadows hurried up the aisle and came to a stop at the end of Tamela and Kristen's pew. Tamela let out a squeak and stood. Kristen thought her new friend was about to leave, but Tamela gestured for her to move down. She complied, and the two newcomers slid into the end of the pew with them. From the grin on Tamela's triangular face, she knew both of the young men, who looked enough alike to be brothers. Kristen sighed, suspecting Tamela was one of those girls who could dangle multiple boyfriends and not only avoid trouble, but make the boys think they were being infinitely reasonable as well as lucky to share her attentions. The last time Kristen had anything even remotely resembling a boyfriend, she was in third grade and it only lasted until she ran out of Easter candy. She learned her lesson then not to be so generous with everything she possessed, no matter how much it would please Jesus for her to share.

She kept her attention focused on Pastor Glenn's sermon, but she kept sneaking glances at the two sitting on Tamela's other side. They weren't whisperers or fidgetters, fortunately, but she caught them passing notes back and forth among the three of them, and felt more left out than she thought possible. It was a given Tamela would vanish after the service with her two boyfriends. Kristen fought to listen to Pastor Glenn teach on his overview of the book of Hebrews, which would be his topic of study for the next two months. It was hard, when her thoughts kept jumping every few minutes to trying to figure out how to get Tamela to stay with her. At least, long enough to convince Kathleen and Peter, if they caught up with her, that she had plans and people depending on her. She knew they didn't really want her around, any more than she wanted to be around them, but it was the power thing, the chance to try to influence her life and make her think like them.

Sorry, Lord, that isn't really good motivation or reasoning, is it? she prayed silently, after the third attempt to yank her thoughts back onto Pastor Glenn's sermon failed. I should be trying to figure out how to get them to go to Sunday school with me for their own sakes, not for mine.

Pastor Glenn mentioned angels, and that hooked Kristen's attention. Multiple times this last week, she had thought about or heard someone mention angels. Guardian angels. Praying for angels to protect her and intervene. What was this? A conspiracy?

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