Friday, February 13, 2015

BWU STORIES -- Excerpt #4

Tamela looked down at her feet. The boots were the same style. Ankle boots that zipped up at the heel. But one was glossy black, with silver braid detailing the faux lacing from the toe upwards, while the other was a glossy, rich brown with gold lacing. Tamela stared at her feet for two seconds, then bent down and tugged up the zippers, yanked her coat straight once more and shrugged.

"That's what I get for dressing in the dark." She grinned and gestured with her head of tangled, strawberry blond curls. "Did I hear you talking to your roommates last night, that you go to Tabor Christian?"

Kristen nodded, and before she knew it, they were hurrying down the sidewalk together while Tamela buttoned her long, fire engine red coat, pulled out matching gloves, and jammed a daffodil yellow knit cap down on her head. Her sack purse stuck out of her left pocket. Her new companion grinned and pulled a cinnamon roll from the vending machine out of her right pocket. They munched in companionable silence as they left the crossroads of sidewalks on campus and reached Sackley Road where Church Street dead-ended into it. They had crossed the street and were already to the corner where Dr. Holwood's big white Century house sat before they finished eating.

"Do me a favor?" Tamela panted as they crossed the second street and the steeple of Tabor Christian came into view over the trees lining Church Street.

"Depends." Kristen thought she and Tamela were in three classes together. It was hard to remember, with the last week being such a whirlwind of orientation and figuring out where she was on campus and finalizing things like work study and meeting people and getting involved in various groups on campus. It helped that several of her professors attended Tabor Christian and knew her from growing up. Plus they were part of the prayer group among the faculty and staff, so they knew all she had gone through at the university. They were cutting her some slack in sympathy -- but for how long, she couldn't be sure.

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