Tuesday, February 10, 2015

BWU STORIES -- Excerpt #3

"Think positive," she muttered as she trotted down the stairs to the lobby and tugged her knit hat down over her pinned up hair. She decided she would just wear her hat all day. It looked cute, fortunately. "God has been surrounding me with guardian angels for so long, and I never even knew it. I will think positive and stop complaining about everything I lost and be grateful for what I do have." She glanced at her watch. "And get up half an hour earlier, so I can get fed." She grinned at herself in the glass of the door separating the lounge from the residence floors.

Five minutes later, she had selected a fruit pie from the vending machine in the lobby and turned to hurry out the front door.

Item for gratitude: apple pie, at a relatively decent price. The air wasn't so cold her fingers would turn numb while she ate, so she could take her gloves off and protect them from the hard sugar coating on the pie.

Item two: the walk to church would rev up her metabolism and burn up some of the sugar and fat from the decadently delicious, but oh-so-bad-for-her fruit pie. Who had ever decided that something that was over 400 calories per serving was good for a child's lunchbox?

Item three: a short walk, down sidewalks that were always shoveled, to get across campus. Hopefully the sidewalks on the other side of Sackley would be shoveled all the way to church.

"Hey, Kris -- wait up," a semi-familiar voice called as she paused to throw the wrapper in the trash barrel at the bottom of the steps outside the dorm front door.

Kristen took a big bite and looked back to see Tamela Wharton stumbling after her. Something was wrong with her feet. She chewed quickly and stared. It was hard to focus, with Tamela's feet moving so fast, taking two steps at a time. She stumbled to a stop when she reached Kristen, grinning and panting, and tugging her coat straight. Then Kristen realized what it was.

"Your boots don't match -- and they're not fastened."

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