Saturday, February 7, 2015

BWU STORIES -- Excerpt #2

Kathleen finally broke her silence to call Kristen five times in two hours on Saturday afternoon, refusing to leave a message each time, to make arrangements to pick her up for church. As if Kristen couldn't walk four blocks from her dormitory, across Sackley Road, to Tabor Christian Church. Or maybe Kathleen thought since Kristen wasn't under her roof and control, she would immediately become a heathen and stop going to church altogether.

"I'm going to church with my friends from the dorm," Kristen said, when her sister had finally stopped scolding her for not answering the first four times she called her cell phone, and stated why she was calling. "Lots of kids from our church go here, and I'll walk with them. The Singles even have a lunch group that goes from class to lunch and back to campus."

Kathleen actually stumbled and stammered a few times, indicating Kristen had accurately guessed what her arguments would be and neutralized them. That allowed Kristen to state she was dead tired from spending the afternoon helping put away Christmas decorations at church, say good-night, and hang up. She had actually finished up with the cleanup at church at five that afternoon, but had spent the evening with Bekka Sanderson, Rene Ackley, friends from church, and their roommate, Kat Teague. Bekka and Kat were students at Butler-Williams and Kristen would be working with Kat for part of her work study. If Peter and Kathleen dared to criticize her, Kristen could honestly say she had been preparing ahead for her duties.

As she turned her cell phone to vibrate, Kristen reflected that she would have enjoyed the cleanup at church and the evening spent at Bekka's apartment if she hadn't had to constantly think ahead to neutralize the expected, constant criticism.

Gotta find some sort of service project to get involved in to give me excuses not to spend time with them until Mom and Dad come home, she decided as she picked up her toiletries basket and headed for the floor bathroom. You understand, don't You, God? I really do like going to our church, it's not just to shut them up.

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