Sunday, December 28, 2014

NIKKI -- Excerpt #9

"We don't have much time," Moira said, stepping around the end of the aisle filled with wine bottles shaped like fish, cats, buildings, and abstract art. "O'Breza's cover is about to shatter and we need to take out Santiago ahead of schedule."
"But--" Brock swallowed hard. He had met Santiago only once, and the man had made him feel cold for days afterward. Until then, he thought Ringo's errand boys, Marcus and Angelo, were the worst he had encountered in the organization. "Things are going to be churned up for a while after that. There's no way the rest of the operation will work. Ringo will go into hyper-alert, pull a vanishing act, and take us and all the records with him."
"You can bail, but the chances of moving fast enough and getting far enough away are pretty slim. It's not a matter of cutting off one snake's head -- gotta get the whole nest in one blow."
He knew that far too well. He had been part of the effort to make Ringo's "business ventures" so impervious, to knit the organization together so tightly that nothing could happen to one division or team without the others knowing and being able to react immediately. It was a combined effort of self-preservation and lashing out at the attackers.
"You have to get Nikki away to safety before you strike at Santiago."
         "Negative." Moira's voice was cold, but Brock saw the sympathy and regret gleaming warm in her eyes for a few seconds. "If even one thread of his web is pulled out of place, it's going to set off alarms for your boss. If you send Nikki away, he's going to look at you and wonder what you're up to. The whole reason we're here is because those two bulldogs of his have been sniffing around. They don't like you any more than you like them, and that automatically means they don't trust you."

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