Friday, December 19, 2014

NIKKI -- excerpt #6

"He's the office manager, the numbers guy. Accounting, that sort of stuff. And he does a lot of troubleshooting. That's why we're here, actually. Somebody in one of Ringo's businesses is having some trouble, so Brock dropped me off here to have fun while he takes care of it."
"So you're living here? Cincinnati itself, or one of the suburbs?"
"We're on the road a lot." Nikki glanced away.
         Okay, not a good subject to pursue. That's fine. All that matters is getting her to talk.
"Me, too." Joan reached down and brushed her fingers across Ulysses' head. "This big guy -- his name is Ulysses -- is sort of my bodyguard while I'm on the road."
"You and Sophie?"
"Ah… no. She's pretty much confined to headquarters. There was an accident and… it doesn't matter. We're both working for Arc, and it keeps us busy."
"Doing what?" Nikki offered her hand for Ulysses to sniff as they stepped inside the partial shelter, where a crowd was already growing around the snack bar offering hot chocolate, coffee, tea, spiced cider, and fresh donuts. The first batch was just coming out of the deep fryer vat, the wire basket bounced to knock off the oil droplets and then the golden brown puffs of dough falling into a mound of powdered sugar.
          "Helping people, basically." Joan's mouth watered, and she decided she didn't care if she had eaten breakfast less than half an hour ago. 

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