Wednesday, December 10, 2014

NIKKI -- Excerpt #3

Odd. The notebook computer was open, but not turned on. The notebooks were scattered across the table, but none of them were open. No colored pens and highlighters everywhere, and crumpled paper, indicating Brock had been working hard since before sunrise.
If he wasn't attending to another emergency that had sprung up overnight in Ringo's far-flung business empire, then why was he on the phone and who was he talking to?
Maybe her dreams had come from some tension she picked up from Brock? Nikki turned back to the snowy golf course and nodded. That had to be the answer. She certainly wouldn't be having any of those dreams -- times when she thought God was sending her warnings or guidance. Such beliefs belonged to a simple little church girl who obeyed her parents and never crossed the line. Not even when her heart was broken and she wanted to punish the world.
          No, God certainly wouldn't be talking to her in dreams -- if He ever had. She had been a silly little girl, to believe such things. Since running away with Brock nearly two years ago, she had stopped being that silly, simple little girl.

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