Thursday, November 27, 2014


"You should be there, not that lying little screecher. How come you ain't?" Maggie said, yanking gently on Stacy's arm.
"I tried!" She tried to snap her mouth shut after that burst out, but it was like someone else had taken control of her mouth, prying it open and pulling the words out. "I even called Gretchen, when I realized she was taking over, and I offered to help, to get things, and she just laughed at me."
"What'd you call her for? How come you didn't call Dinah? Ain't it her party? If Gretchen wants to run things, she should have her own wedding."
"Yeah, as if anybody would want to marry her." Stacy stumbled, stepping up onto the sidewalk, and looked around. Somehow, she and Maggie were nearly to her house. How had they walked that fast?
Because her mind was so tangled up in her misery and horrifying visions of Gretchen tricking Drake Ashcroft into taking her to the altar, she hadn't been paying any attention to the snowy, black night, that was how.
"Seems to me, the person you need to talk to is your best friend, not the silly twit who hated your guts before she even met you," Maggie grumbled. "You haven't gone over there or called or anything, have you?"
"No," she admitted grudgingly.
"Why not? What's so hard about it?"
"I've got my pride, too! I may be just the housekeeper's granddaughter, but I have feelings!" Stacy yanked her arm free of Maggie's, but she didn't run away like she wanted. At least she had someone to listen to the hurt rushing up like a geyser. "I should have realized years ago, Dinah was only my friend when nobody else would have her."
"Now that's about the stupidest thing I ever heard, and I been around long enough, I done heard a whole lot of stupid. A couple lifetimes' worth of stupid." She grabbed hold of Stacy's arms just above the elbows and shook her twice.
"Yeah, well, that just about sums up Gretchen and her whole crew."
"And you want to be like them silly twits?" Maggie stared at her, mouth hanging open and her eyes wide.
           A tiny giggle broke out of Stacy, and with it, a hard, sharp plug of something seemed to come loose deep inside. She hiccupped, another giggle escaped, and then turned to tears. Maggie's arms wrapped around her, enveloping her with warmth and peppermint.

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