Wednesday, November 19, 2014


"It is not 'done,' to bring a present to the wedding," Tony said in a mocking elegant voice. "Or so those in the know keep telling us. You have no idea what a pain it is, having everybody in the church and half the town telling us what we have to do for our wedding."
"I keep telling him we should elope," Max added.
"If Di could get away with getting married privately, why not?" Drake offered.
"I plan on asking her for some details tomorrow." She looked around the lobby, which was empty of everyone but them. "Wow, it's finally over. If you could wait a few seconds, I'll run out to the car and get the present."
"Sure. You don't happen to know where Stacy Belmont is working tonight, are you?"
"Stacy?" Tony glanced down at the row of clipboards on the table, each one holding a signup sheet for a class. "Computers. Just around the--"
"Max?" Todd Montgomery skidded down the hall from the right end of the school, holding a little boy with dark curls, blue jeans, and a Browns sweatshirt. No other details were visible because he and Todd held a wad of wet, red-streaked paper towels to his face. "He won't let anybody else help him."
"BJ?" Max let out a sympathetic groan and held out her arms. The trembling little boy lowered the wad of towels enough for his big, dark, tear-filled eyes to be visible. He nearly threw himself out of Todd's arms and into hers. "What'd you do now, shorty? Uh -- Drake -- this might--"
"I'll take care of it," Tony said. He watched her hurry down the hall a few steps to a room clearly marked "Nurse."
"I'll walk out with you," Drake offered. "Lots of excitement," he commented, after Tony had retrieved his coat and they headed down the gym hallway to the parking lot door.
"But fun. Max and I volunteer a day or two every week. Most of our work is done, now that registration is over. We have work for the wedding as an excuse." He chuckled. "I'd rather be here, honestly."
"Wedding phobia?"
"I don't mind, for me. Max is tearing herself apart and doesn't even realize it yet. She's great coordinating things behind stage, the more opening night disasters to circumvent, the better. But put her in center stage, forget it. Especially when she's thinking of having both her dads walk her down the aisle."
"I guess that means she's getting along good with her father and his family?"
           "We all get along good. The gossip rags would love it if there was a lot of in-fighting and name-calling and jealousy -- and hints that Carlo and Miss Emily are going to dump their current wife and husband and get back together -- but... we're one big, happy family. So far, anyway. You never know how all the wedding pressure will change things."

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