Monday, November 17, 2014


"Can I -- Drake!" Tony Martin stood up from the registration table and held out a hand. "You're not here for classes, are you? Or did they get you to tag-team with Pastor Doug?"
"I'm just in town for a few days for Di's reception." Drake stepped up to the table and shook hands with Tony. "Hey, I hear you and Max have set a date, but you've managed to keep the media from finding out. How did you manage that?"
"Shock and awe." He grinned and leaned back against the wall instead of settling down at the registration table again.
"Excuse me?"
"If you're bored enough while you're in town, check out the gossip rags in the supermarket. Every single one has a different date for our wedding, and a different place. Audrey started it, telling some whoppers to a spy in the kitchen where she works. Now, even if the real date and location pops out, nobody will believe it."
"That sounds like a great story, once the whole thing gets resolved. You're not going to put it in a book, are you?" he teased.
"Maybe in about ten years, when we're able to laugh at the insanity." Tony mimed wiping sweat off his forehead.
"We'll see you at the reception tomorrow night, right?"
"You bet. Can't wait to see Dinah and meet Troy. I just hope Max doesn't get any ideas from the party," he said, glancing around with exaggerated fear.
"I heard that!" a semi-familiar female voice called. A moment later, Max Randolph peered around the corner, coming from what was the library when this was the Eloise Elementary School.
"You were supposed to." He gestured at Drake. "Look who's back in town."
"Drake!" She hurried around the registration table to hug him. "Perfect timing."
"For what?" Drake looked back and forth between her and Tony.
"We're planning on dropping off Di's present on our way home tonight, but if you could take it with you, that'd save us one more errand."
"Can't you just bring it with you tomorrow night?"
            A chill shot through him when he realized that was something else that had been nagging him since seeing Stacy's present for Dinah yesterday morning. Why couldn't Stacy just bring it to the reception?

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