Friday, October 10, 2014


He let his mother chatter about the girls in the party on the other side of the wall while she filled other serving platters and piled food on his plate. He just grinned and nodded when she scolded him to eat up and get upstairs and take a long, hot shower after his long drive. At least she had learned not to scold him for taking the drive from South Dakota to Ohio in one trip, rather than stopping at a hotel halfway through.
Drake settled down at the kitchen table, where he had seen Dinah and Stacy do their homework under Mrs. Belmont's watchful care, and ate his late breakfast as he let the female chatter wash over him. It was good to be home. When he got his shower, if he wasn't able to fall asleep right away, maybe he would walk over to the campus and check on his father in the administration building. Maybe take him out to lunch. It was a given the girls would be working on wedding things through lunch, if not through the entire afternoon.
He saw the wedding present when he went to the sink to rinse his plate and put it in the dishwasher. His brain seemed to work a little clearer now, with two cups of coffee in him. He tugged off the drycleaner bag and flipped over the tag.
The box was from Stacy Belmont.

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