Thursday, October 2, 2014


For October, we'll be looking at excerpts from Book 1 of Year 2 of the Tabor Heights series:


"I can hear voices, but nobody answered the doorbell," the delivery man said. "Must be having a good time in there."
"Putting together a wedding reception." Drake stepped back into the Jeep and sighed. The smart move was to stay out here until the truck was gone, then go in through the kitchen door. His mother refused to entertain in the kitchen -- although Drake never considered an assembly party "entertaining." She would have them all in the living room, with a breakfast buffet neatly and artistically arranged on the long dining room table and all the girls settled in their places with those antique apple-shaped glass plates and matching cups. If he was lucky, there would be lots of food in the kitchen, waiting to be put out to replenish what the girls took when they decimated the serving plates. He always found it amazing and amusing, how girls stayed so skinny but managed to eat more than a steelworker when they had a working party. He remembered when he and Dinah and Stacy put together...
Stacy Belmont.
Drake eyeballed that stack of presents in the back of the truck. Only two more. It wouldn't be long now. Maybe he should risk getting caught by the bridesmaids and go in through the front door. It would be worth it to talk to Stacy. He hadn't seen her since last summer, when he took a flying trip home between his summer mission trip to Haiti and the fall term. Even then, it had been during a faculty family get-together for BWU, and they hadn't said much of anything to each other. She had been busy because she worked for the university now. Besides, there was the restraint that wrapped around her like a visible fence, with her grandmother so recently dead. He hadn't been able to adequately express his sorrow for her, let alone talk about ordinary things and catch up.
He suddenly needed to see her. It was worth the risk of Gretchen trying to latch onto him. Besides, what kind of a snit fit could Gretchen throw, if he made it very obvious he was there to see Stacy?

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