Thursday, August 21, 2014


"Aw, come on, Miss Ray," Jacob wheedled at the end of the torturous day. "You know I didn't mean it." Then he flashed that killer smile that was going to break a lot of hearts when he hit high school.
If he lived that long. Right now, it was pure mischief, adorable despite being framed in cookie crumbs and stained bright red from punch. Jacob had conned five of his classmates into handing over their punch and cookies. They all had the impression that it was a game, and they would get their treats back -- up until the moment Jacob inhaled everything with the speed of a tool shop power-vac. Ray ended up with the duty of impressing on Jacob just why his little game was wrong, while Brenda and Jilly replaced the stolen snacks before the other five children cried any louder.
"You didn't mean to eat all those cookies? I hope you get a killer stomachache and nobody feels sorry for you and you miss out on a great dinner tonight." Ray managed to hold onto her scowl for all of ten seconds. Then Jacob brought a mangled chocolate covered graham from his pocket and offered it to her. It was Ray's favorite, and he knew it. She sputtered, trying to stifle laughter.
       The laughter stopped when she got to the pool half an hour later with Trish Bingham, and discovered that when Jacob hugged her good-bye, he had deposited his four-ball wad of neon green bubble gum in her hair. By that time, it had spread in the heat as they hurried to the pool, capturing a fistful of hair. Then it hardened after her first long plunge into the cool water, and seemed to be stuck to not only her hair, but her scalp. Right at the nape of her neck. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't a shade of green that was almost radioactive, and showed up wonderfully among her reddish-brown hair.

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