Tuesday, August 19, 2014


"Face it," Megan said, as she gathered up the church floor plans, the spread sheets with the names of teachers and their specialties cross referenced with duties, and the clipboard with the list of supplies that still had to be found and errands that still had to be run. "We are geniuses. This is going to be the smoothest-run VBS in a long time."
"At least until they add a new Sunday school wing on the building and a new, bigger gym. Maybe they should consider digging a basement?" Ray added.
Megan laughed, which seemed to attract Michael's attention. He called something to her as she headed for the gate out of the pool area. She walked over, looking tired and sweaty. Michael gave her a large paper cup with a straw in it. Ray thought he took an awful long time getting the drink for her. Maybe Michael was as tired as they were.
"So, the two of you are running the Bible school this year, huh?" Michael called to her, when she had to give in to the demands of the clock and her stomach and leave to get dinner before her night class.
"Oh -- yeah -- Bible school. It's great." Ray stumbled and realized she had lost her grip on her towel. She fumbled it, jamming it into her big canvas bag, as she walked over to the refreshment stand. "Max and Tony have this incredible program. They took all the heroes of the Bible and gave them funky names, like in Marvel Comics, and turned them into superheroes. Then we teach the kids they have superpowers, just being themselves, and they can be superheroes and…" Her face felt hotter than it had yesterday. "Tell me if you're bored, okay?"
        "No, not boring. I like comic books." Michael leaned on the counter, resting on his elbows. He had the most incredible smile, kind of shy, a little crooked, and just as warm as his eyes.

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