Sunday, August 17, 2014


Ray spent more time over the weekend preparing to teach third and fourth-graders at Tabor Christian's VBS  -- and looking for Michael -- than she did on the next book for class. The Heart of Mid-Lothian was interesting, sometimes heartbreaking, but she honestly couldn't summon up much sympathy for the heroine's twit sister and her nobleman boyfriend. What kind of man made the woman he loved go through a total makeover just so she would be acceptable to his family? The whole social censure scene irritated her.

Unfortunately, she had pages to catch up on, and managed to get so caught up in reading Sir Walter Scott's second most popular novel -- at least, in Dr. Krupman's opinion -- Ray forgot to put on sunscreen. She felt slightly radioactive and prickly by the time she got back to the dormitory Wednesday night. That put her in a bad mood when Megan Elliott called her at the dorm to talk about VBS and arrange to get together to finalize some details. Megan had snagged the position as assistant to the VBS coordinator this year. Ray felt a mix of envy and pity -- envy for the great credit to put on her resume, and pity for all the hassle Megan was going to have to put up with for two weeks. Tabor Christian always held Vacation Bible School for two weeks, instead of the usual one, just because they had so many children who came for VBS, thanks to the expanded reach of the Mission. This year, Max and Tony Martin had worked with Jennifer Deverall to create their own curriculum, instead of buying two different VBS packages from a publisher. Ray admired the newlyweds for coming up with the program amid all the fuss of preparing for a wedding with paparazzi and gossip rags and at least half of Hollywood looking over their shoulders. On top of that, the theme of "You Can be a Superhero, Too" was the most brilliant thing she could imagine to catch the imagination and interest of the children who attended. Ray wished she could be that creative when she worked with the children. How was she going to catch the attention of the people at Allen Michaels Evangelistic if she couldn't come up with something like that? Maybe it was  a good thing Megan was going to be second-in-command this year…

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