Friday, August 15, 2014


"Hey, Andrea. Sorry, didn't mean to scare you," Truman said, stopping himself from reaching out to catch the ice cream cone she fumbled. "Look out." He reached past her to catch the door of the Perk & Perch before it hit her in the back and made her drop her cone for real.
"Uh… thanks." She blushed prettily and finished stepping down from the doorway and onto the sidewalk, to look out over the Triangle in the center of Tabor Heights. "But you didn't. Scare me, I mean."
"You must have been deep in thought, then, coming out the door. Or is the ice cream that good?"
"Pure heaven. But not that--" She let out a little groan and tipped her head back and closed her eyes for a moment. "Sorry, my head is somewhere else entirely. I really shouldn't walk around town on my lunch break without paying attention."
"Don't worry." He made a show of rubbing the badge on his chest with his sleeve. "Always ready to serve and protect."

To his delight, she laughed, instead of protesting that he was a desk officer, as too many other people had done since he was allowed to put the uniform back on. Albeit, to stand or sit behind the desk and shuffle papers.

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